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Magazine Disassembly and Operating Principles
The Calico 22 Rimfire

    The Calico rimfire was the original design, and as such is a bit less well thought out than the 9mm version. This extends to the magazine which is rather difficult to get apart, and reassemble, when compared to that of the 9mm version. Before attempting to take the unit apart, make certain to release all tension on the spring by pressing the button in the middle of the winding knob.

The two halves of the unit are held together by a pair of spring steel rails.

The major subassemblies after taking the unit apart.

The completely disassembled unit.

The feed lips should be attached to the front cap of the magazine body before assembling them in place.

With the front cap, and magazine lips in place, the  end of the central spring unit fits over a raised portion of the front cap.

The rear cap unit, with spring drive, in place at the rear of the magazine body. It snaps into a rail molded into the end of the magazine body.

The magazine follower can be placed on any of the tracks. Assembly is eased somewhat if the unit is slipped into one of the side channels.

The magazine halves are snapped together, and need only to have the top and bottom rails set in place.