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Magazine Disassembly and Operating Principles
The Calico 9mm

    Though I still do not recommend disassembling the magazines, most of the really complicated parts (the spring assembly) are sealed. Before disassembly, be certain to release all tension on the magazine spring by pressing the button in the middle of the winding lever.

Start things off by pushing forward on the rear sight. This should slide the entire upper rail assembly off of the top of the magazine.

The procedure needs to be repeated with the bottom rail

Once the rails are off, the unit breaks into two halves. The feed lips are visible at the upper right of the photo. Cartridge guide can be seen molded into the inside of the magazine body, while the twisted column going down the center contains the springs that drive the mechanism.

The two halves of the unit and the rails that hold them together. The section on the right still contains the drive mechanism.

The unit completely disassembled.

A look down the helical channel of the magazine, with both sides of the body together.

During reassemble, the end of the helical driver fits into a  channel molded into the magazine body. A tab prevents it from being put in the wrong way.

The magazine follower is the last thing to go in, before the unit is reassembled. An arrow molded into the body of the follower points forward.