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The Eclipse of 2017.
A few eclipse shots here, and one to try and give an idea of how it looked and felt at the site. There is another eclipse around the same area, in seven years (2024). I will be there. It is very unusual for them to come so close together.
With just this tiny sliver left, the full eclipse is only a few minutes away, and still, it is far too bright to look at, without special glasses.
With the eclipse having just occurred, you can see a slight flare on the left side of The Sun, from where The Moon is just covering it up.

Without these glasses, I may have seen the eclipse, but I would have seen nothing afterwards, and been too blind to drive home. They probably cost a  quarter to make, and generally sell for a dollar or so. During the eclipse, I saw locals hawking these things for $20 or more. The dark side of the free market.

The eclipse in all of its glory.
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