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Ban those high capacity assault planes
 The Coalition to End Aircraft Violence (formerly Aircraft Control inc), would like to take this opportunity to acquaint you with some little known facts. We prefer to let the facts speak for themselves, but we will comment anyway. High capacity airplanes are certainly a threat to our safety, and particularly to the safety of our children. We need legislation to sharply reduce the numbers of these aircraft, and make them less accusable, particularly to our children. Eventually, these aircraft should be banned completely, except for the use of government, military, police, the UN, and people like us, who are better than the rest of you. Assault aircraft should be banned.

An assault aircraft is one, with any two of the following features:

Other desirable legislation
Along with the assault aircraft ban, we believe that there should be some reasonable legislation regarding small aircraft.  This is something which all right thinking people should support, particularly our children.

For more information, or to give us money, please contact:
The Coalition to End Aircraft Violence
The Hundred Mother March
The Democratic National Committee
Union for a Socialist America