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Calico M-100

Length overall Barrel Length Weight  Caliber Action Type Magazine Capacity
29.8" / 35.8" 16.25" 5.7 pounds (loaded) .22 L.R. Recoil Semi 100

    This is perhaps the ultimate .22 plinker. I have wanted one of these guns for a couple of years, as a companion to my set of 9mm Calico's. I am presently looking for the pistol version, and then I will have pistol/carbine combos of the Calico in both of it's calibers. This particular gun was bought used (try and find a new Calico), and required a bit of cleaning up. The magazine is loaded, one round at a time, through the magazine lips. Unfortunately, there is no speed loader available. The design of the magazine is like that of the 9mm version, with a helical drum inside which unwinds itself as the gun is fired. The magazine spring tension can be released by depressing a button in the center of the winding crank on the back of the magazine, Once the gun is fully loaded, 15 turns of the crank sets the spring to fire the full magazine.
    The gun seems to have been designed to mimic the M-16/AR-15 series of rifles, in concept, if not in appearance. In common with the military rifles the upper, and lower receiver are both aluminum castings, which makes them impervious to rust. The barrel, and folding stock are steel, and the "furniture" is black glass filled plastic. Even the sights are similar to those on the M-16, having a similar appearance, with the front being adjustable for elevation, and the rear for windage. The gun also field strips in a similar fashion, by breaking forward after removal if a pin (two pins actually) towards the rear of the receiver. The folding stock seems to more closely copy the design of the original Uzi submachine gun. The flash hider is rather strangely constructed, being molded into the barrel from the same piece of steel.
    I have included this gun because it is part of my collection, but a much better description of it, and a more complete listing of it's features and use may be found on my Calico web site. The weapon is very comfortable to shoot, and fairly accurate. I can shoot into a couple of inches at the pistol range. I have a page dedicated to these neat little guns at: