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Calico Pistol
Length overall Barrel Length Weight  Caliber Action Type Magazine Capacity
14" 7.5" 2.25 Pounds 9mm Roller Block Semi 50
    The pistol version of the wonderful Calico. This gun was designed to use a 50 round helical drum magazine, but will also take the 100 round magazines meant for the carbine version, though their use will adversely affect the balance of the gun. My particular example has a laser sight which seems tailor made for a gun of this type. It is a bit large for a pistol, but the size and handling qualities are not too different from those of my Ruger Redhawk. I have built a nice little system around this gun and will probably make myself a holster, since I can not find one that will fit. With a two handed hold, (the only practical way to fire a gun of this size) I can shoot into a couple of inches at the pistol range. A more complete description of the workings and history of this gun is given in the section on the carbine version. There is also a small Calico page on this site, and a bit larger one on my other site.

See my Calico page for details.