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The .357 Magnum
Nation Year Max. press.
U.S.A. 1935 37600
What is there left to say about this cartridge? It is the .357 mag, the most widespread and popular magnum cartridge around, the original magnum round and the first pistol cartridge designed as a hunting round. The official year of it's introduction is given as 1935, but in truth, some version of the round had been used since the twenties. This was the result of experiments using large frame revolvers chambered in .38 Special. The .38 rounds were loaded up with what we would today consider to be .357 charges. Initially it was thought to introduce special hi power .38 loads, and special, large cylinder revolvers to fire them. Upon careful consideration, it was realized that many shooters would simply take their existing .38 revolvers, and use the new ammunition, with unfortunate results. It was decided to redimension the round somewhat, marginally increasing its length, and calling the new round the .357 Magnum after it's true bore diameter. The new guns would also chamber the .38. Initially the guns were offered with 8 3/8 inch barrels to get the most out of the new rounds.

Standard Load
Bullet Powder Measure Velocity Energy Comment
158gr JHP H 110 16.3gr 1250fps 548fp
Bullet Powder Measure Velocity Energy Comment
180gr JHP VV N110 13.6gr 1375fps 756fp
158gr JHP VV N110 15.5gr 1509fps 799fp
110gr JHP VV N110 20 gr 2006fps !!!!!! 983fp short range sizzler
125gr  JSP Bullseye 8.3gr 1300fps 469fp Snubnose round
110gr JSP Bullseye 7.9gr 1350fps 445fp practice round