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The .454 Casull
Nation Year Max. press.
    What a monster! This is, for the time being, the most powerfull handgun cartridge in the world.It is a deveolpment of the venerable .45 L.C. of cowboy fame. Dick Casull had begun to play with the .45 L.C. back in the fifties. For decades, the .454 was a wildcat cartridge, fired from specialy made revolvers. Today, revolvers are being produced for this powerfull round, by Freedom Arms, Taurus, and Ruger. There are also barrels for the Thompson Contender, and a number of custom guns still being made.

Standard Loads
This is still, pretty much, a specialty cartridge, so there is presently much development going on. Below are some factory loads, though there is not yet really a load for this cartridge which could be called "standard." As can be seen from the table, VV H110 is the prefered powder for this round. This is the powder with which the factory loads were developed. I also use Bullseye, because I have a large amount of it on hand, and it is cheap, easy to use, and makes a good practice round. It can be seen, from the table, that the Bullseye loads have about half the power of those using the more suitable, and slower burning VV powders. This is not a failing of bullseye, but merely a reflection of the general unsuitability of fast burning powders in magnum cartridges.
Bullet Powder Measure Velocity Energy Comment
240gr JHP H110 36.0 1889fps 1902fp
260grJFP H110 35.0 1825fps 1923fp
300gr H110 31.0 1625fps 1760fp
Bullet Powder Measure Velocity Energy Comment
240gr JHP Bullseye 11.0 1334fps 949fp economical practice
240gr JHP H110 39.0 2090fps 2328fp Top velocity/energy
260gr JFP  H110 37.0 2005fps 2321fp
260gr JFP Bullseye 11.0 1302fps 979fp Practice load
300gr JFP H110 31.5 1780fps 2111fp Heaviest bullet