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Obsolete Computer Museum Linux Solaris for Intel (on Sun's site) The PC Guide
Adam Computer Redhat Linux The Computer garage Driver Guide (Memb. Req)
Chaos Manor (Pournelle) Sun Computer (Unix, Solaris) Unix Primer Escape from Hardware Hell
MilwaukeePC(my old job) Computer History AnalogX (Great little proxy) PCChips (drivers, etc.)
Bootdisk MISS CP/M  Gibson Research (Wonderfull) Hardware Links
CableU (telecom cabling) Lindows Solaris Unix Freeware Beowulf Clustering
Freshmeat Solaris X86 resources Certification/career Tom's Hardware Guide
Learn Unix Learn more Unix (UGU) ARS Technica Tom Halfhill
CGI Resources Java Resources Web Bug Detector MCL Center
SANS Institute (security) Linux Gazette Dave's Linux Page Time Services
Wild Tangent (for gamers) Network Newz Artificial Intelligence Lab Kuro5hin
ZDnet Simply the Best Open Office free office suite MacOpz
DIVX Stream ripper
Web Page Design Stuff
Kali''s Web Shop

The Twisted Web (Good geeks gone bad)
CD Freaks copysite The Underground Files Computer Hope The duplicator/key wizard
Serial Numbers Peet's Cracks Reverser's cracking page Keys & Patches (and popups)
CD recording tips Some Keys Copy Tips Crack Locater