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As the CCW movement spreads, and more states become "shall issue" states, it will become more common for a citizen to exercise this right. Larger numbers of people so armed, will meant that CCW will become a more common and acceptable thing. If done properly, and responsibly, this will change public perception of the benefits, and dangers of gun ownership. We may be able to return firearms to a place of respectability, and shooting sports, as well as the defensive use of firearms back into the mainstream of our culture. In the meantime, there is heavy, and enthusiastic support for the new CCW permits being issued.
    The number of places in which CCW permits are issued, is beginning to take the whole concealed carry movement away from merely political considerations, and into the realm of practical, and consumer products. There are now a number of holster makers, and tailors, who specialize in products for the citizen who carries. There are even few companies coming out with handguns in designer colors. Though many of these things would horrify traditional gun enthusiasts, I see much of it as a positive trend. these things indicate large scale public acceptance of firearms, something I have not seen in my lifetime.
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