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Dan Wesson 22VH
The table below shows the various configurations of the gun, with the barrels I have.
Length overall Barrel Length Weight  Caliber Action Type Magazine Capacity
40 oz
D.A. Revolver
11.5" 6" 38oz. .22 D.A. Revolver 6
9.5" 4" 36oz .22 D.A. Revolver 6
8" 2 1/2" 34oz .22 D.A. Revolver 6
    One of the finest, most accurate .22 revolvers around, this pistol is built upon a .357 magnum frame, and uses the same barrel shrouds, and cylinder blanks as the full sized 357 version, giving it similar handling qualities, and an almost identical appearance. The Dan Wessons are best known for their interchangeable barrels in lengths from 2" up to 12". An unforeseen benefit of this system was that it produces superb accuracy. This gun is almost ridiculously easy to shoot, a benefit of the heavy frame, light trigger, good sights, and low powered rimfire cartridge. This is essentially a 22 version of the 357 15-2 model. technically, the 6" vent heavy barrel would make it a 15-2VH6
    This pistol was initially acquired with a 6" barrel. Latter on a 2 1/2", and then a 4" tube were added; finally, an 8" barrel was acquired. These are all of the vent heavy design, with a vent rib, and an underlug on the barrel shroud. The additional barrels do add some versatility to the gun, though not as much as they do on the magnum versions. The .22 LR cartridge is at it's peak out of a 16" barrel, so there is some benefit out of the longer tubes. There is also the advantage of the longer sighting radius on the longer barrels, and the increased ease of carrying and concealing with the shorter barrels. This pistol has the handsome deep bluing of the original Monsoon MA guns. The blue guns and shrouds are constructed of high carbon steel, and the barrel liners are of chrome moly. All current production Dan Wessons are produced in Norwich New York.
    This is a pretty hefty gun for a 22, and not really what I would consider to be a kit gun. Even so, with one of the shorter barrels, and a smaller set of grips, the gun carries comfortably. With one of the longer barrels, and the full sized grips, this is as good a target gun as any made. I can shoot into about two inches with it at 25 yards. I have heard of others who manage one inch groups with this gun. Firing the 22 cartridge through this heavy gun, particularly with one of the longer barrels in place, generates no noticeable recoil. This is one of my earlier firearms purchases, going back to the late seventies. Both the shop that sold it to me, and the original Dan Wesson Arms Company which produced it, have since gone out of business. Still, the gun remains, and will probably be passed on to my heirs, to continue in service long after I am gone.
    This is the only Dan Wesson for which I have anything like a full set of barrels, though the gun generally has the 6 inch barrel installed. I have included pictures here of this revolver with 6 inch, 4 inch, and 2 inch barrels attached. A rather more complete discussion of this, and of the entire Dan Wesson line up  is found in the Dan Wesson section of this site. The page also includes a section on how to swap the barrels