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On Line Education

It is possible these days to get a good education, pick up some valuable skills, and even earn a degree all on line. Below are some links, both to online universities, and to less formal instititions. Certain of these institutions (notably U.W.) also award degrees in the more conventional on campus manner, but no distinction is made on record, or on the diploma itself. I emphasize the University of Wisconsin because it is where I went years ago, and where I will be earning my on line degree now. An added advantage for me as a Wisconsin resident, is that I pay a low tuition; even on line, college is not cheap. The schools listed below are not "diploma mills", of which there are far too many. I spent a great deal of time (several months) before commiting myself to this, and I would recomend that any one contemplating the earning of a degree in this manner do the same.
Excelsior College ZDU (not degree granting)
Virtual University
Baker College  Global Academy
Thomas Edison  On-Line Education Links
Regis University Education Index
UWExtension Grantham College
City University Charter Oak College
Upper Iowa University World Lecture Hall
Cramsessions (certification) Jones University
Cable U U. Phoenix on-line
Sylvan Prometric Western Illionios U.
Computer Certification University of Maryland
Waukesha Tech Get Educated
Algebra On-Line MIT Open Courseware