The Gun Gallery
A series of larger gun photos
Most of these are larger versions of the photos on my gun pages, but a few are unique to this page. Click on the thumbnail for the full sized picture. Feel free to copy or use this photos if you like. I only ask that you credit the source (me), so that people know where you got them. These are all set to a resolution of 650 pixels wide, and generally are between 300 and 400 pixels high. Those marked with (K) are 1000 pixels wide.

Pistol Gallery
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S&W Model 29 6" S&W Model 13 4" S&W Model 638 2"* S&W Model 629 4"(K) S&W Model 629 83/8"(K)
Browning Hi Power(K) Browning Buckmark(K) Browning BDA (380) Colt Gold Cup(K) Walther PPK/s *
S&W Model 57 6" (K) S&W Model 657 83/8"(K) S&W Model 65 4"(K) Taurus Raging Bull(K) Ruger Redhawk 7 1/2"*
Contender (K) Dan Wesson 22 S&W Model 1917 Glock 17(K) Glock 21(K)
Para Ordinance P-15(K) Beretta M-96(K) Para Ordinance P-12(K) Calico 950 Colt Detective Special

Beretta M-21(K) Walther P-38 (P-1) S&W 669 Glock 19(K) S&W Model 27 8 3/8"

Ruger Vaquaro
Dan Wesson 357(K)
Dan Wesson 357 2" (K)
Mini Revolver *
Hawes SAA (K)

Longarm Gallery
Coming soon