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MiniTower Cel-400 256MB 17GB 9685+video out,tv, capture 31/2",CD, Win 98 SP8330 15" 56K 10/100
Littleguy was put together as an entertainment and amusement computer. There is what was once considered to be a fairly powerful processor on board as well as a respectable amount of memory and hard drive space. There are also some interesting additions such as the t.v. card with video capture, and the video out, on the display adapter. The unit has recently been given Bigguy's old slot 1 motherboard, which should be sufficient for the role this little machine plays. I have also replaced the old 6.4gb hard drive with a 16.8 gb unit. Littleguy resides in my living room, right next to where my stereo, t.v., and video equipement are set up. I used this machine on the network to store an image of Bigguys' hard drive last time I redid him. I primarily use Littleguy to play games and do video captures either from the t.v. card or from my camcorder. I also use him to take my computer tutorials when I feel like sprawling out on the living room floor with my books and study materials all around me. I now have Littleguy plugged into my stereo system so that I can record audio files onto tape, or take things off of tape and turn them into audio files which can be sent to Bigguy and put on CD. Littleguy is running Windows 98 on a single fat 32 partition. All of my games are loaded onto him, as well as all of my graphics and office programs. I have not installed the encyclopedias, or the National Geographic on to him because these programs require the cd to be in the drive, and they are already installed onto Bigguy. I also do not have my math, astronomy, or history programs on him for the same reason, although all of my computer tutorials are installed. Littlguy is also the computer on which I have installed my flash card reader, so that I can easily retrieve, and modify photos taken with my digital cameras.
    Little Guy is very convenient to have around, as a spare computer of reasonable power, but is hopelessy obsolete by today's standards.