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S&W Model 657
Length Overall Barrel Length Weight  Caliber Action Type Magazine capacity
13 7/8" 8 3/8" 52oz .41 Magnum DA Revolver 6
   A stainless version of the well regarded Model 57. with the desirable 8 3/8" barrel, the longest barrel commonly available on any revolver. This is one of the earlier models of the 657, and has the countersunk chambers, as well as the pinned barrel, and older style cylinder latch. Details on the gun, and on it's under appreciated cartridge are available on my Model 57 page. Though the cartridge, and revolver, have received short shrift over the years, this is a trend which may be reversing. Taurus, not exactly known for making mistakes in the gun market, has introduced a line of revolvers, chambered for the .41. There is also the undeniable popularity of the .40 S&W, and the limited, but dedicated following of the 10mm auto. Both of these cartridges are, essentially, .41 caliber.
    Like all of the big frame Smiths, the gun is well made, and has a great single action pull. As a stainless version of a member of the  S&W flagship magnum revolver line, the 657 has excellent fit and finish, along with adjustable sights. My particular model has the full size target grips, along with the target trigger, and target hammer normally found on these guns. The gun is identical in appearance to it's stainless steel cousin, the .44 magnum Model 629.