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AR-15 Ultramatch
Length Overall Barrel Length Weight Caliber Action Type Magazine Capacity
39" 20" 1 in 10" twist 10 Pounds 3oz. .223 Gas Semi Auto 20 or 30
    The most accurate rifle I own. The company Guarantees 1/4" groups at 100 yards. A stainless steel, broach rifled, match barrel which is forged oversize and machined to an exact fit, gives this rifle outstanding accuracy potential. The barrel is also free floated with an aluminum handguard. The entire rifle is hand fitted and also features a set trigger. This type of accuracy is usually only found on bolt action, or single shot rifles, and is extraordinary even on these types of actions. A good AR-15 might shoot a 3" group at this same range. This is an SGW (now Olympic Arms) rifle, rather than the over rated Colt model. Unlike the Colt, SGW uses mil spec parts, which are standard, off the shelf military components. The Colt, for whatever reason, uses proprietary parts, unique to their version of the AR-15, and incompatible with everyone else's, and with those of the military. It also seems that the SGW rifles, even in standard trim, far outclass the Colt, in fit, and particularly in finish. This is a match model, so it can be assumed that a bit of special care was taken in it's production, but even my standard SGW shines compared to the Colt.
    The gun is quite heavy, with the match barrel, and metal handguard. This is a flat top model, with no sights. The design allows the scope to be mounted closer to the axis of the bore, for a bit less parallax error than if it were mounted high, on the standard carrying handle. Unlike current match rifles, this example has a bayonet lug, and a flash hider (For night matches). One very nice feature is the set trigger. I have never owned a gun so equipped before, but it is a feature I could certainly get used to. The set trigger, on this rifle, is adjusted by a screw in the handle. It is also engaged or disengaged, by the same screw, and can be put on, or taken off, in a few seconds. Once the set trigger feature is engaged, the safety is used to "set" the trigger. This gives a pull of about three pounds (if that), and a clean, crisp break, with almost no take up, and no over travel at all. The trigger must be set before each shot, so that rapid fire is not an option, with the set feature engaged.
    I have upgraded the optics to a 6-18x 50 with an adjustable objective. This is quite a bit better than the old 3-9x40 which had previously done the job. The basic rifle is a much modified, and painstakingly constructed AR-15. For general details, please see the section on the standard AR-15.