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Case  CPU RAM HD Video Drives OS Sound Monitor Modem Network
Midtower P166mmx 32MB 6.4GB Intel 740 31/2,CD Novell sb16 15" 56k 10/100
 This is my Novell server, which I have put together in order to teach myself Novell 5. I actually prefer the Microsoft line of products, but several of my coworkers are singing the praises of Novell to me, and much of the business world uses it. The version of Novell which I am using has Groupwise, and several other components, and is designed to be a competitor for Microsoft's Back Office Server system. As may be seen from the specs, this is an older machine. I bought it from a friend at work, as a bare bones, and have added to it. The drive was picked up inexpensively on the net, and though I could have acquired a much bigger one for little extra money, I do not wish to use a drive overlay program. I would need such a program because the bios in this older system, can not see a hard drive larger than 8gb. Because I am new to the set up of Novell, I do not wish to add this extra complication. Actually I dislike drive overlay programs even with operating systems that I am familiar with. The overlay adds an extra layer of something to go wrong, and since the system can not see the hard drive without the overlay loaded, booting from a floppy becomes much more difficult, and troubleshooting, along with system maintenance becomes very involved indeed.
    This version of Novell is very complete and has a number of accessories and applications bundled with it. I don't know how to make most of this stuff work, but time and effort, as is usually the case, will solve this problem. I will update as I am able to figure out the workings of Novell