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Case O.S. C.P.U. RAM H.D. Sound Video Monitor Drives Modem Network
Desktop W2k 686-300 64MB 6.4GB sb live 9685 1mb 15" LCD
31/2,cd none 10/100
    Sleepy is, fittingly enough, the computer set up next to my bed. I have recently taken to doing a fair amount of writing from this machine however, as there is something to be said for not having to get out of bed to use your computer. This is my one of my two remaining Windows 2000 machines, and the size of the hard drive(6.4gb), although once impressive, is now barely adequate. Sleepy is one of the oldest computers that I am still using. This means I must be rather discriminating about what I put on this machine. I have limited myself to Office Pro 2000, Quark, Photoshop, Illistrator, some of my computer tutorials, Act 4, PC Anywhere, and a couple of games, along with one encyclopedia. I would upgrade it, but I am afraid that I might never get out of bed and would eventually lose the use of my legs and arms (except for the right wrist which I use to operate the mouse). I can't really get a good picture of Sleepy himself since he resides under my bed, but I did get a shot of a him as he appears to a certain lazy individual  lying in bed.
    I have done what will probably be my only upgrade to Sleepy. I replaced the old machine, with the one, which had formerly been watchman. I have also replaced the Windows 95 operating system with Windows 2000, and installed a newer version of Internet Explorer. These were changes that needed to be made, as I was getting very frustrated during my late night jaunts across the internet. I tend to spend some time on the net, in bed, before grabbing a book, and reading myself to sleep. The old os and browser, along with the dated hardware, were taking so long that I could doze off waiting for a page to load, or so it seemed. The 6.4gb Hard drive remains, as I do little other than write, and browse the net on this machine. For more involved activities, I have a share on my server, which Sleepy can use as a storage space. Presently, the only real function of this machine is as a glorified dumb terminal to allow me internet access.
     The photo shows the size of Watchman, but does not do justice to his weight. Watchman is built into an old IBM AT case (the genuine article). This case originally held a 286 motherboard and cpu, along with a full height 5 1/4" hard drive with a 10mb capacity. The hardware has, of course, been replaced, as I think that I might have run into some trouble getting NT4 (not to mention W2K) to run on a 286. What was left behind after I cleared out the old components, was a marvelous case and power supply. The entire frame of the case is brass with a baked on black finish; it is heavy, and it is strong enough for me to stand on. The power supply is built to what used to be called computer grade, before computer grade standards got to be so low. I have read critiques of this old IBM power supply in Mueller's great book (Upgrading and Repairing PC's), and it is very impressive indeed. Compared to this massive, heavy case, the towers of today have an almost toy like quality. Much of what has gone into this machine is hodge podged out of old parts, and grabbed from other machines that have been upgraded, but the result is very satisfactory. Sleepy's main use these days is as a big dumb terminal for accessing the internet through my proxy, while in bed.
    I have connected the audio outputs from Sleepy into the auxiliary jack of the stereo at my bedside. The speakers are at either side of my bed. I have also mounted the keyboard, and LCD monitor on a swing arm. The whole unit is very relaxing to use, and I hope that it frees me up to enhance my writing, and researching. I have access to all of the other computers on my net, as well as the internet, from this machine.