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Case CPU RAM H.D. Video Drives OS Sound Monitor Modem Network
Desktop PIII 450 256MB 40GB Sis 6326-8mb 31/2,51/4 
W2K 3d generic 15" None 10/100
The first watchman, was my attempt to put together a dedicated NT machine, after my disappointing experience with dual booting Bigguy. It remained my only NT workstation for over a year. This was, in part because of my lack of familiarity with NT, and also because of NT's poor support for direct-x, and it's lack of support for USB, and the difficulty it has running DOS. The machine has undergone a major upgrade, essentially being rebuilt with a new motherboard, CPU, hard drive, and video card. The memory has also been upgraded. I have installed every piece of software I own on this machine except for the games, many of which will still not run properly under Windows 2000 (NT5). The system still uses the NTFS file system. In every case, my programs run faster than in Windows 98/95/ME, in the case of some graphics programs, the difference is startling.  The network name "watchman" is a reflection of my old plan to turn this machine into a network server. This plan preceded my acquisition of NT server.