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Misty Fjord
Misty Fjord is near the Alaskan town of Ketchikan. It is a protected area, and was declared a national monument in 1978, but legal wrangling prevented this from becoming official until 1980. The area has been compared to Yosemite in California, due to the similarity of rock type, age, and topology.  Most of the approximately 3 million acre site is designated as a wilderness area. small tour boats and airplanes take sightseers in, and there is some camping and kayaking. larger ships can not access the area, and generally stop at Ketchikan, permitting visitors to charter local tour services. Whales, seals, and other wildlife are abundant, and commonly seen here.

Skimming across the water of the inlet, we are airborne and see Ketchikan from a whole new perspective.
I pass our cruise ship, as well as some others which are at the terminal in ketchikan.
Heading past the edge of town, we are in sight of the fjord. Unlike the lower forty eight, here in Alaska, when you are out of town, you are in the wild. There are no extensive suburbs here.
A view up the inlet towards the mountains in which the fjords are cut.
Heading up towards Misty Fjords. The glacial valley is pretty apparent here.
At the lower elevation, the area is heavily forested. Wildlife is abundant, and the place is a paradise for kayakers.
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