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  Victoria, BC
Victoria sits on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, 153 miles north of Seattle. There is regular train and ferry service between the two cities, and a visit from one to the other is a nice day trip. At one time, Americans and Canadians could cross the border freely, needing only a drivers license or other form of picture ID. Today a passport is required. There are less than 100,000 people in Victoria, which holds about a third of the population of the area. It is the center of government, of BC, and is one of Canada's major ports. It has become a very popular cruise ship destination, for reasons which are obvious from the photos below. It is isolated, to a certain extent, from the rest of Canada, and it is actually easer to get to the United States, from Victoria, than to get to the rest of Canada.

First impressions often set to tone for a visit to a place, and Victoria makes a great first impression. Approaching on a gloomy day, Victoria looked like a little fishing village, while going through the outer harbor. As we neared the heart of the city, and prepared to dock at Ogden Point, the cosmopolitan nature of the place became more apparent.
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