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More of The Big Room

Looking out across an expanse, this photo gives the illusion that these structures are much smaller than they actually are. Most of the structures out on the plain are ten to fifteen feet tall.

Heading towards the next room, we can make out some large columns in the chamber through the archway. The path here winds around the perimeter of the room., slightly elevated from the cavern floor.

Through the arch to the next chamber, can be seen a glimpse of the hall of the giants. A visitor can be seen taking a photo, off the right.

Some idea of the scale of these rooms, and of the structures they contain, may be attained by comparing the tourist, visible towards the bottom of the photo.  These chambers are huge, and yet, are many hundreds of feet below ground, even at their roofs.

Visitors admire some of the more delicate formations, in one of the smaller passages between the great rooms.

Visitors stare up, as the overhanging rocks seem to ooze and drip down upon us.

The aptly named Lion's Tail, also known as the war club.

One of the giants, in the Hall of the Giants, aptly known as Giant Dome. This column is 62 feet tall, and 16 feet in diameter. I didn't bring a tape measure, and at any rate would not have been allowed to use one, so I will take the word of the guide writers.

A close up view of many of the striking monoliths in the Hall of the Giants. The pair to the left of Giant Dome are the Twin Domes.

The formations here look a bit like a series of melting ice cream cones.

Giant and twin domes, from a bit different perspective.

Temple of the Sun

A little bit closer look at the columns of the Temple of the Sun.

A turn in the trail gives a sort of an overview of much of the Big Room. Visible towards the center of the photo is the Temple of the Sun, as well as the forest of stalactites, known as Fairyland.

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