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Formerly know as "Indian Country" on most maps printed before the twentieth century, the influences of Indians, oilmen, ranchers and miners are distinct. It is a pretty nice place. Oklahoma City in particular, was much nicer than we had expected.
Entering through the "Backdoor" of Oklahoma, miles north of the Interstate.
Truck stops are weird out here in the open areas of the west. 
A mild, and understated sign telling us that this is the Cherokee Truck Stop.
The Cherokee Restaurant. You can tell we are out west.
Smooth, and 75 MPH. The Oklahoma Interstate.
Our first view of a large metro area in Oklahoma. In this case, it is Tulsa, as seen from a tourist rest stop.
Tulsa as seen when entering town. The place is a bit bigger than I thought.
Downtown Tulsa.
Here's where it all starts. This refinery, and the others like it, are what put places like Tulsa on the map. This whole area is built upon energy.
Ollie's, above, is known for the railroad paraphernalia, and the model trains, and dates way back to the prime years of Route 66, when it was the only way to travel across the country. To the left is a bit of the old road as it leaves Tulsa.
Annexsus Oklahoma, just a bit west of Tulsa.
The Oklahoma Turnpike. 75 MPH all the way.
More of the turnpike. Someone needs to grab the end, give it a good yank, and pull all of the wrinkles and folds out of it. Eventually, we will end up in Oklahoma City.
If there we had made a list of places we had not planned on being seduced by, Oklahoma City would have probably been on it. Surprisingly, we really did like the place. 
The middle of downtown. If we had expected a large scale version of Tulsa, we were surprised. Oklahoma City is quite a cosmopolitan place.
Past downtown, and heading into Bricktown, the area surrounding the stadium.
The field at Bricktown Stadium. The team is in the minors, but there is nothing minor league about the facilities.
Mickey Mantle, and Johnny Bench are both natives of Oklahoma City, and are immortalized in the Bricktown area.
Down Mickey mantle Drive. Bricktown stadium is to the right, while Mickey Mantle's, and the start of the canals are off to the left.
A look up towards downtown from Bricktown.
Crabtown, across from Bricktown.
Bricktown at disk. Things are just getting started on the adjoining streets.

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