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Adventures in dining, and other thrills before exiting the Texas panhandle.

I said we would get back to this. Here is the famous Big Texan Steak House. Where you can get a free 72 ounce steak, shrimp cocktail, salad and dinner, provided only that you can eat it all within an hour.
Wishful thinking on my brother's part, as he poses in a cut out, in the parking lot. He didn't even try, but then, neither did I.
Inside the dining room of the Big Texan Looking out towards the foyer and entrance.
The Big Texan dining room. Well, part of it anyway.
More of the Big Texan dining room.
The seat if honor. This is where you go if you want to take the challenge of a 72 ounce steak, salad, shrimp, and bread. The digital timer is visible in the back, as is the grill where all steaks are made. 
A part of the entrance foyer, with games, slot machines, and the largest rocking chair in Texas (or is that the world?).
The pet rattler, at the Big Texan. The snake is fed a rat every Wednesday (what, no steak for the snake?). He also doubles as the complaint department.
A couple of views of the dining room from within the Big Texan. There is dining on an upstairs balcony, as well as on the main floor. Western art, motifs, and knick knacks fill the walls. The kitchen is located under the large skin and cattle skull.
My brother sitting in the Big Texan. Though I may never be forgiven for posting this photo, this is as natural and representative a photo as I have of him.
Ultimately, this is what all of the fuss and hype is about. My New York Strip was quite thick, and was butterflied, since I ordered it well done. 
My brother's huge porterhouse. He actually finished it. Though it was a mere 24 ounce steak, as opposed to the 72 ounce monster, he was quite full.
An old fashioned pinball machine seems to call to my brother.
Slot machines, tables, and a game room sit outside of the dining area.
The sign which lures travelers to the Big Texan. Connected to the restaurant is a motel, designed to look like a series of little western motels. A place to stop for those who attempt the 72 ounce steak, and find themselves a bit indisposed.
The front of the Big Texan, complete with a big steer mascot, cut outs for photography, and parking.
Another cut out, in the lot of the Big Texan. The two middle aged guys in the "wagon" are my brother and myself. This photograph horrified us both, as this was not the way we pictured ourselves.

A series of photos below shows the changing landscape as we travel through the Texas panhandle.
Grass gives way to sage, while rolling hills give way to rough cut landscapes. All in less than two hours of travel across the panhandle. We are now in the Southwest. No doubt about it.
Sage, tumbleweed, and the rest. We almost expect to see a cowboy come by, complete with six shooter, and branding iron.
Even here, we can not escape road construction. Bluffs, and solitude fill the background.
A last look at Texas. We are nearly to New Mexico.

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