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The Old Harvey House
In contrast to the new architecture, and institution look of the headquarters of the petrified Forest, that of the painted Desert is a former Harvey house, and it's design is very much in tune with the culture and climatic realities of its setting. 

A point, of sorts, is formed on the high ground looking out in three directions across the desert.

A view down along the roof line of park headquarters. This building began as a Harvey House, complete with the legendary Harvey Girls.

Walkways, vistas, and shelters surround park headquarters.

One of the many park hiking trails meanders off and rounds a hill. There are numbers of trails, and much to see here, but this is the desert, and hiking out into it is no joke.

A look out across the many layers, and varied colors of a small part of the Painted Desert.

The unaccustomed haze bleaches out the background here, as I take a shot around a hill.

The painted landscape looks like a decorated version of the Badlands.

From this vantage, the old Harvey House, looks a bit like a fort, right down to the flag flying in the background.

Approaching the edge, the desert is shrouded in haze, adding a touch of mystery.

Looking over the edge into the haze muted tones of the Painted Desert.

Water in hand, this visitor heads back to the cool shelter of the park HQ, having had enough of the desert for now.

Much of the area looks like something from out of a cowboy movie. Even the service roads look more suited to a horse or wagon, than to a modern automobile.

A motorcyclist winds slowly through the Badlands style terrain ahead of us. Nobody drives fast here. There is much to see, and the roads are narrow and twisty.

Looking like the pyramids gathered at the Valley of the Kings, these pointed spires of eroded mudstone rise above the surrounding landscape.

The roads wind through worn, and often colorful monuments to the action of the elements and the mastery that times exercises over all.

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