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Sedona, and the red rock area
    The Sedona area of Arizona is an impressive landscape of soaring peaks, weathered rock, and multi colored vistas. It is quite a popular tourist, and shopping area, particularly for visitors from neighboring California. Despite it's beauty, this ranks as one of the great failures of the preservationists. The heart of the area is massively developed, though the fringe areas are still fairly pristine.

Getting on the mountain roads which will take us down to Sedona. The difference in elevation means that we will be entering an area which is quite hot.

We are coursing down well forested mountain roads, towards the low areas of Sedona.

There is still plenty of foliage, and lots of shade, but it will diminish as we continue to descend.

A look up a bald spot on the hill, showing some of the native rock. These will become more common as we go lower, in a sort of reverse alpine  tree line.

More well weathered rock greets us as we continue our descent. This is not yet the famous Red Rock of the west, for which Sedona is well known., but we still have a way to go.

More cross bedded rock, and and the trees are still with us, but the area will be changing drastically soon. We have already dropped hundreds of feet in elevation.

Another view of the steep cliffed rims of the surrounding highlands.

Our first sign of the distinctive "red rock" which is part of the definition of the area. The sign also tells us that we are entering an Arizona State Park.

More of the rocks and bluffs which fill the area.

We have now gotten down to the lower levels where the red rock is exposed. Above can be seen the overlying rocks of the lighter colored layers.

Looking a bit like a red version of the formations at our beloved Wisconsin Dells, these rocks will be seen uncovered again, back at the Grand Canyon.

Trees seem to march up a ridge, towards a small break in one of the peaks.

This is my favorite photo from this area. There is something very quaint and majestic about this single, small structure, under the bulk of the towering rocks.

Hillsides crumble away to expose bare rock faces. Once a certain angle is reaches, no plant may take root, and no soil will accumulate. eventually, this will all be worn down, and smooth, like the hill shown below.

A low, soft, green hill, with a fine covering of light vegetation. This is practically lush here in these parts.

Moe Larry and Curly look down at us with red faces, as we continue on our drive to the bottom.

A look straight up the hillside, showing two different layers of exposed rock, with some vegetation at the bottom.

Coming around the bend. Every turn exposes new formations, and a completely different vista.

Once you set your course, and put your foot (or wheels) upon the road, there is no telling where it might take you.

Some rounded spires of rock. These mounds show the bedded layering pretty clearly.

Arid and crumbling rock, with no soil or vegetation to hold it in places, shows clearly here, particularly in the close view of the lower right side of the photo.

A small saddle breaks the line of the hillside.
Road cuts come right up to the side of the road here. Most of these road ways were blasted or cut into the rock.

The wild west lives, at least in a few isolated spots.
Back on the main drag and heading into the commercial parts of Sedona.

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