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Heading Back
    We head back up out of the heat, and through the desert. Climbing into the cool mountains brings us relief, and the sights of the city of Flaggstaff.

Tiring of the heat, and anxious to get a room for the night and settle in, we head back up the mountains toward Flaggstaff. We have had a busy day.
     Amazing vistas accompany us the entire way back.

These broken channeled and worn peaks show the effects of geologic, as well as climatic processes.

One of the few reasonably smooth hills in the area. It is covered in the low vegetation which is the only type that conditions here will allow.

A look down a desert road, which twists around one of the many buttes in the area.
A butte, rising out of the desert. This whole area has the look of an old cowboy movie. This should be no surprise, since many cowboy movies were filmed here, and in the adjacent and similar California desert.

A look up at a broken mountainside. The shapes were made by water, though there is little enough of it in this climate. And yes, it was as hot as it looks.

Broken, crumbling, and partly vegetated, these rocks are being worn down into soil.

One last look at the scoured and worn sides of well weathered rock.

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