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100th anniversary memories

The Birthday Bash

The Sunday Concert


Gathered at the gates

We all wait for entry onto the grounds, for the centerpiece of the celebration. The final concert. There are thousands of people here waiting.

Off to the races

The gates are open, and the rush is on to secure good spot near the front of the stage.


The grounds here begin to look something like a throw back to the sixties.

People mill around, talk, wait, and brave the gigantic lines at the food vendors. Most of those who are sitting this close to the stage have been here since noon. The pre show is not going to begin until three, and the main show will not start until six. The headliner, who is still unknown at this time, was to start at eight or nine.

With positions staked oput, people begin to settle in to wait for the show. Fortunatly, it was a fairly cool day, particularly as we were right on the lakefront. A hot day would have been miserable.

Milling around, enjoying the day, and anticipating the show. People have come here from all over the world, for many today is the culmination of a week of parties, shows, factory tours, lakeside exhibits, and festivals.

A view of the stage, still empty. This is the largest rock stage I have ever seen. It took something lik etwo weeks to assemble.

Still continuing to mill around, waiting for something to happen. Most of us had been here since the gates opened at noon. Many had arrived as early as nine or ten in the morning in order to be at the beggining of the line.

The pre-show will start at 3:00, and the main show around six. In the meantime, we wait.

Complaints about the food service were abundant. I waited in line for over an hour, and others reported spending as long as three hours. I can sympathize; it can't be easy to feed over 100, 000 hungry people.

The crowd has thickened up a bit, and the pre show will soon start.

The pre show begins. This will be three hours of  movies, interviews, promotions, and assorted presentaions, all presented on the gigantic screens flanking the stage.

Part of the skyline of Milwaukee's Prospect avenue can be seen overlooking the lake.

Looking like something out of the sixties, we make ourselves comfortable during the pre-show.

For many, this is the culmination of days of revelry. They take the opportunity to get some rest.

While some relax, others get food or beer, or catch up on old times. The rest just wait.

and wait

and wait.

Nearing the end of the pre show, a few people begin to appear on the stage, making last minute adjustments.

Grover from Sesame Street joins the party.

Set back away from the stage a bit, and behind the first section of the audience is the media center. This little pavilion is where the announcers, and interviewers, along with the T.V. broadcasting center are located.


We consider an aerial photo of ourselves projected on a large screen flanking the stage. There are an estimated 150,000 people gathered here.

Dan Ackroyd is the MC for the show..

Let's start the show!!

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