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Down at the Lakefront
The Open air, open to the public exhibits.

Getting an early start, these two arrived on Tuesday. Celebrants had begun to hit town as early as the previous weekend, but most did not arrive until Wednesday or Thursday, with a number not arriving until the weekend of the main event.

This shot was taken late on the preceding week. The stage is being built. Harley pulled out all of the stops for this event, the stage, which took almost a week to construct, would only be used for a single show.

A look at the old Coast Guard station, a few days before things get started.

Early on the week of the celebration, and signs are beginning to go up to acknowledge the 100th birthday of the world's oldest motorcycle company.

It is early on Thursday afternoon, and things are just getting started. The lakefront is not nearly as crowded as it will be latter in the day. Visitors continue to steam in.

A look down one of the footpaths at Lake Park shows a double line of motorcycles.

The gauntlet of motorcycles continues, as I get closer to the exhibit grounds.

A look along one of the grassy areas shows bikes and people as far as the eye can see.

Riders continue to arrive, and fill the Lakefront. They will continue to come, well into the night

A look down Lake Drive, and a view of the Machine exhibit tent.

Lake Drive heads off towards Downtown. Motorcycles can be seen starting to line it's length. It is early on the first day, and things have hardly (Harley) begun. Within 24 hours, this area will be choked with motorcycles.

Motorcycles fill the area under a shady tree, and everywhere else too, for that matter.

Motorcycles line Lake Drive, and traffic is picking up.

And still they come. Arrivals are now non-stop.

Strolling the open air grounds, part of the Harley Davidson Experience. The large tent way back and off to the right is the Culture tent.

People mill around looking for something to eat or drink. For many, this is only a first stop after a long journey here. There is a big bash at the Summerfest grounds, there are factory tours going on, shows out at State Fair Park, and at the Riders Ranch, and dealer shows, along with dozens of block parties. It is unlikely that anyone will experience more than a fraction of all that is going on around town.

A look down the line of carnival tents. Everything is for sale. This is only one of several vendor stall locations. There are other by the fair grounds, out in Waukesha, Downtown near the Summerfest grounds, and out past Hartland.

happy faces surrounded by lots to eat and drink. Even so, this is nothing compared with what is going on down at the Summerfest grounds, and what is coming over the weekend.

The orange tag hanging from the girl in the foreground is a gate pass, and entrance ticket. This is required to get into the exhibit tents (though there is plenty to see outside), and to get into the Summerfest grounds, and the big concert on Sunday.

Some riders come down from the more secluded park areas near the Sailing Center. They were either touring ,or looking for parking.

Ford, the oldest car maker in the country, is joining in the celebration with Harley, the oldest motorcycle maker.

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