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Galena was the home of U.S. Grant, general and President of the United States. Though it is miles east of the Mississippi, it is still on what is called the River Road. Other than being the home of Grant, Galena has many distinguishing features. It is a picture postcard little town, and tourists come to see the Grant home, as well as the scenic nostalgia of the town itself. Amazingly, this attractive little place is relatively unspoiled. It struck me as being a sort of a cross between a New England town nestled in the wooded hills, and Mayberry.

The river road crosses over a smaller river, on it's way through town.
Left and Below:
The town of Galena meanders through the winding hills, like the river which it overlooks. The downtown is riverside, while the houses are up in the hills.

The gold of fall predominates, among the brick houses of the residential areas.

The town is very open, with large green spaces, and wild areas. It seems to be half country.

A hillside street in Galena.

A look down the hill towards the center of the town, below.

The Grant house. This is the house in which U.S. Grant lived. Though it was a mansion in it's own day, it would now be considered only a fair sized house, in today's market.

One of the city streets coming down from the hills and leading into the center of town.

Picture perfect. This woman is from the tour bus, and is standing across from the Grant house. She seems not yet to have notices the view to her left.

A classic salt box home. This is like something out of a colonial life magazine, or picture book, as is much of the rest of the town.

One of several bed and breakfasts converted from the many large brick houses in the area.

A tour bus sits outside of the Grant house.

A look up the hill, where the Grant house is located.

A little log cabin sits in the woods. It is generally open to the public, but happened to be closed for the day, by the time I arrived.

The front of the cabin, including the entrance ramp. The ramp is there for handicap access, something that was not a concern in the design of the original log cabins.

Quite a contrast in times, and in lifestyles, is shown by the log cabin above, and the Grant house to the left. In this case, the two are less than a block apart.

A look up the street, with the Grant house (Out of the photo) just to the left.

Aside from the streets, paths wander through the woods, and there are a number of scenic walks, and tours. The town is very conscious of it's history, and of it's charm, and seeks to preserve both.

A look towards the center of town, through a lane shaded by brightly colored fall trees.

The old railroad station. The town is so untouched, that this could very well be the station from which Grant likely boarded many a train.

This building, like many in Galena, is over a century old. It probably served as a mercantile, ot some such thing, back when the train was the town's connection with the outside world. It sits across from the railroad station.

A view down one of the little side streets of Galena.

One last look at some of the surrounding hillside, as I go over the bridge to leave town.
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