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LaCrosse to the Twin Cities
Travels alongside the Mississippi
A return to familiar territory. I have passed this way many times, but this time, I am here to stay. The Mississippi, and it's wonderful towns, river life, scenic views, natural wonders, and assorted wild creatures are my destination.

The river, though not visible in this shot, is just to the right of the road. The gentle curves of thickly forested hills go off in every direction.

A look off in the distance at the smoothly worn bluffs of the Mississippi.

Crossing over to The Wisconsin side. The eastern bank of the Mississippi is a bit less developed, and not always as close to the river, but it has a special intimacy that the more well traveled western bank lacks.


Some of the little towns and rests on the Wisconsin side of the river.

A look to the south, across Lake Pepin, a widening of the Mississippi. The river here, slows and broadens, making it a suitable place for sailboats, canoes, and every sort of on the water activity.

A look north, at the same spot. The Twin Cities are somewhere up this way, many miles away.

A view lower down shows the railroad tracks which border the banks, all the way up the river.

Sun shines across the Mississippi at Lake Pepin.

Note the open topped ore cars passing beneath. Trains run past here quite often. In addition to being a major waterway, this is a major railroad corridor.
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