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The Hormel Spam Museum

The marquee of the KSPAM radio station.

The Kspam theater, where you can see endless loops of forties performances by the Hormel Girls.

In the Kspam radio studio, you can listen to Spam sponsored radio shows, primarily those of George Burns, and Gracie Allen, as well as Artie Shaw. Needless to say, you will hear many commercials. These are just a few of the earlier cultural contributions made by Spam.

Some of the other cultural contributions made by Spam. Along with Kool Aid, Wonder Bread, and Tang, Spam has become more than a food, and has been turned into a cultural icon of America.

Some recent Spam advertisements, and a few Spam trinkets. It is almost surprising to see an ad featuring Brett Favre, Green Bay quarterback, here in the land of the Vikings.

Ahead are exhibits explaining how Spam is made, and how it is prepared in various parts of the world.

A brief view of Spamville, the 125th fighter squadron. The military consumed incredible quantities of spam. It was often, the only meat available.

So who eats Spam? The answer seems to be, everyone eats Spam. From it's origin in Austin Minnesota, Spam goes all over the world.

A video in the Spam kitchen, explains how to properly make Spam dishes in the wok.

Some various ideas about how people prepare Spam in different parts of the world.

So you think you have what it takes to be a Spam professional. The first step is to learn how to dress the part.

In case you ever wondered, this is how Spam is made.

This is how Spam is packaged, labeled, and shipped.

Now it is time to test your Spam knowledge. No one was playing while I was here; but the game is set up for three teams. The screens and buzzers are set up like a television game show.

A section for one of the teams. The game was running; but no one was playing. Well, next time, I will have to go back with at least two other people.

Conveyers move cans of Spam around the ceiling, through most of the museum. These are like the conveyers in the packing plant.

I was unaware of any relationship between the Vikings and Spam. The things you learn in a museum.

The Spam gift shop. Everything from key chains, through Spam footballs, to T-shirts are available.

Naturally, the Spam museum sells Spam. There are numerous varieties.

This is the center of the Spam world, the place where spam is actually produced, packed, and shipped.

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