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Leaving the grand canyon, to head back to Flagstaff, and then Winslow, I decided to avoid the interstate, and take some back roads. This is almost always a good decision, when you have some time, and want to get the feel of a place.  The Winslow Standin' on the Corner fest was to start the next day, and I wanted to be there.

Left and Above:
Some burned areas show, on many of the hillsides. These are generally intentionally set, in order to burn off old forest, and prevent major forest fires from occurring. It seems that timber harvesting would be a better idea.

A local mountain, looms over a local ranch. This is a part of the SanFracisco mountains.

A local ranch stands at the foot of the mountain.

A drive down a great forested road, an around the mountain.

A preventative fire burns on one of the mountainsides. Flagstaff is just on the other side of this mountain.

Old Route 66, in Flagstaff. I didn't spend any time in Flagstaff, on this visit; but have photos from a previous trip here.

A bit east of Flagstaff, and heading towards Winslow, the visitor passes the tiny town of  Twin arrow.

The twin arrows of Twin Arrow.


Flat, dry, and stark, I am approaching Winslow.

Approaching Meteor City. Population:2

Various views of the Meteor City dome.

One last look at Meteor City

One last look back at the San Francisco Mountains

A rail bridge crosses a local dry wash. This is the Southwest all right.

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