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Leaving Carlsbad
Like the bats, I too must lave Carlsbad. I have had several incredible days here; but it is time to head out towards Trinity. In three days, the open house will take place. If I miss it, there will not be another for six months. I will spend one more night at the camp ground in White's City, and depart Thursday morning for Roswell.

A bit melodramatic, I admit; but the photo of the bats flying against the moon was just too good to resist.

Bats, and more bats, and this is just a small section of the line of bats heading out of the cave.

Almost like wisps and streamers of smoke escaping a volcano, the bats pour from the cave entrance. This goes on for several hours.

Carlsbad is not the only otherworldly place in New Mexico. There is also Roswell. the place has, for years, been UFO central. It is almost a place of pilgrimage, for true believers.

Everybody gets into the act here, though in southern New Mexico, you may wonder what kind of aliens they are welcoming.

Alien Zone, and Area 51, vie for the attention of the UFO buff. Area 51 is the nearby test area, where the famous Skunk Works has been, for decades, been developing cutting edge aircraft and weaponry. This includes things like the Stealth Bomber, and Stealth Fighter. It is no wonder that people around here often see odd things in the sky. You don't have to look to outer space for an explanation.

More UFO shops. I am a skeptic, and don't believe a word of it. Still, if nothing else, Roswell is a fun place, and the people are friendly.

Shopping in downtown Roswell. Note the eyes on the street lamps.

In addition to all of the UFO hype, Roswell advertises it's annual jazz and arts festival. I was tempted to stay; but my trip was coming to an end. Presumably aliens are welcome.

This is the Zone II Alien HQ. Downtown Roswell is a strange place.

This converted movie theater is now the UFO museum, and research library. Of course there is a gift shop.

Apparently, the radio station broadcasts out in to space, for aliens passing through. I wonder what they advertise.

Driving these twisting roads, in the shimmering heat of the day, can be a real problem, if you are a truck driver trying to make time. Or perhaps he was distracted by a flying saucer.

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