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Old Town
  This is the original city, which was founded in 1706. The railroad bypassed the town, and a new town grew up around the rail yards and depot. As the two cities grew, they eventually merged. The original plaza, street layout, and architectural styles still remain here, in contrast to the more modern layout of the newer city.

A park near the museums, and mountains in the background, greet the visitor who enters the Old Town area.

Streets are narrow, and twisted, and the architecture is distinctly old Spanish.

Heading towards downtown, along the perimeter of Old Town.


Newer construction mimics the old structures, in order to retain the feel of the area.

Nearing the Plaza, in the heart of Old Town.

The central park and plaza, hemmed in by shops and other businesses.

A series of  looks around the Plaza.

On the way out, through one of the older, and less affluent parts of Old Town.

Heading towards Route 66, through Old Town, with the ever present mountains in the background.

Out on old Route 66,. where it becomes a sort of an edge of town business district. Back in the glory days of the old road, this was way out of town; but no longer. The city has grown out along the road.

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