Water, water everywhere

The grand Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River. This is how they appear, from one of the many surrounding hills.
The less often seen view of the lower falls from the side. There is a path which runs all along the top of the surrounding hills, from which there are many fine vantage points. 
Clear, blue, and pure, cold mountain water goes over the edge of the lower falls. 
A postcard view of the lower falls. The pine trees in the foreground should give a bit of perspective to the view. 
A look straight down the lower falls. The water turns to mist as it pounds into the river flowing below. 
The lower falls, headpiece of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. 
A view just off the side of a viewing platform, built at the edge of the falls. 
A viewing platform sits atop the lower falls. This is a great place to look down the valley, and to hear the roar of the water. 
Water about to go over the edge, as the river bed drops out from underneath..
The edge of the platform, as the water thunders past into the mist at the bottom.
A bit of turbulence here. The water flows very fast here, before going over.
The long view up the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, up the river, towards the falls.
A nice perspective of the falls, from a distance. A bit of the river can be seen twisting off behind it.
The falls, from a tree filled height.
The lower falls, and a length of The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.
Framed by a pair of the local pines, the lower falls appear as if out of a painting from a hundred years ago.
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