The charm of the small towns.
    It's somewhat sad, though understandable, that small town America is dying. Adrian is a lovely little town, as are many other places we passed through. Most of these places are being swallowed up by expanding urban areas, or losing population, as young people move away to what many mistakenly think is the glamour, and opportunity of the cities. They have little concept of the value of what they are giving up.
The campground of the  county park, at Adrian. It was still fairly early in the day, but we were lucky to still be able to get a spot. There are few travelers here, despite appearances. Nearly all of the campers are locals. This place is a real draw for nearby residents. In addition to a great campground, there is a pool, picnic areas, and some trails. 
A look around our first campground. It was mid to late afternoon, by the time we got set up. This was where had our first occasion to test our procedures for making camp. 
The sun is nearly at the horizon, and it will be dark in less than an hour. This was a very busy, and very happy campground. The night was the pitch black of the country, with great star filled skies. It was filled with small night sounds, laughter, a chorus of crickets, and quiet talk. The night smelled of campfires, and the woods were filled with the blinking of fireflies. All and all, a very peaceful, satisfying night.
Leaving the park, very early Sunday morning. We are headed out to take a little peek at Adrian, before heading back out on the Interstate.
A look down main street Adrian. Yes, it was as quiet as it looks. This was actually a refreshing change, compared to my years living on a very busy street in one of the most densely populated areas of Milwaukee. 
The big old church at Adrian. Actually, this is St. Adrian's church. The town of Adrian was named after the wife of a railroad magnate. The naming if the church was a pure coincidence.
A nice close up of the brick, and granite work of the main entrance. 
This former hotel is now the senior citizen center.
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