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Clips are here!!
These clips are not meant to stream, though with a fast enough connection you may be able to play the lower quality clips directly. You will probably need to right click on the clip that you want, and select "Save As" to save it onto your hard drive.

Pritchett by Request

George Pritchett          Guitar
Mike Ugrich                Bass
Bobby Jones               Drums

Many Faces of George Pritchett
George Pritchett             Guitar
Mike Ugrich                   Bass
Baltimore Bordeaux        Drums

Title (length)
MP3 High
Title (length)
MP3 High
CD Quallity
The Chaser (4:38)
 4.30 mb High
1.64 mb Low
Melancholy Baby (4:37)**
4.34 mb High
1.66 mb Low
Broadway (6:42)
6.31 mb High
2.41 mb Low
Over the Rainbow (6:42)
6.21 mb High
2.37 mb Low
Heres that Rainy Day (4:29)
4.19 mb High
1.60 mb Low
My Reverie (5:40)
5.27 mb High
2.01 mb Low
What Child is This (4:00)
3.73 mb High
1.42 mb Low
Georgia on my Mind (5:40)
5.28 mb High
2.01 mb Low
Scarborough Fair (2:48)
2.61 mb High
1.00 mb Low
I Remember You (5:23)
5.03 mb High
1.91 mb Low
End of a Love Affair (4:56)
4.59 mb High
1.75 mb Low
Summer of 42 (3:43)
3.47 mb High
1.33 mb Low
Speak Low (5:30)
5.13 mb High
1.96 mb Low
Pete's Bag (5:30)
5.13 mb High
1.96 mb Low
Didn't We (3:13)
2.97 mb High
1.14 mb Low
Watch What Happens (5:00)
4.70 mb High
1.79 mb Low
Secret Love (4:58)
4.63 mb High
1.76 mb Low
A Prelude to a Kiss (3:21)
3.19 mb High
1.22 mb Low
Norwegian Wood (4:10)
4.22 mb High
1.61 mb Low

These recordings were made from a set of the origonal vinyl albums which had never been opened or played. They were played on a new Sony turntable with a brand new Audio Technica stylus, and were digitized through a SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Sound card.

**Melancholy Baby has a pop and a skip, due to improper storage. This is a never played album, but was stored for years at a wharehouse, with a crease in the jacket which made a dimple in this track. I am working on a repair. In the meantime I have included this cut, damaged as it may be.

Live performance clips are coming.
Solo Tapes
With Don Momblo