Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 
(gold top)

Years Produced Type Vintage Condition Value Pick ups
1970- Solid body electric/w cutout 1971 Very Good
Finish Fingerboard Tuners Trim Extras
Gold Top 21 fret, ebony-pearl Ivory
    This is an original example of the Gold Top version, of the classic, Gibson Les Paul. The guitar was purchased at an Ebay auction, near the end of 2000. The back of the body shows almost no wear; the finish is like new. The neck, also shows little wear, and appears to be crafted from ebony. The headstock has been repaired, but the repair was professionally done, and is almost undetectable. The action was tuned locally, to remove a bit of a buzz encountered during playing. Though the back of the guitar, and the neck, are in mint condition, the finish of the front has seen some wear. There are a few small dings, though nothing serious.
    What catches the eye, about this guitar, is the cracked finish. It is a regular stippled cracking of the finish, probably brought about by a sudden temperature change. The effect is kind of pleasing to the eye, like a zebra or tiger striping. It is almost unnoticeable, when viewed straight on, under flat light, but if the light hits the body right, or the guitar is viewed at an angle, the striping seems to jump right out. Below are a couple of photos, showing the cracking of the finish. though the effect is visually distinct, it does not extend to the surface, which is smooth.
The cracked finish actually seems to add to the appearance of the guitar. 

The near mint condition of the back, and that of the neck, indicate that this guitar has lead a rather easy life.