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About Me Welcome to my corner of the web. On this site you will find guitars, opinions about guitars, pictures of guitars, links to guitar sites, and music for guitars. I have played guitar for years, and have just begun to put together a pretty respectable collection of classic instruments. What is a classic instrument? Well to my mind, it is one of the great guitars from the sixties, or seventies. These were the instruments which grew up with rock and roll. Guitars like the Stratocaster, the Les Paul, the Harmony, and the SG. These great old guitars are still contributing to the art of instrument making, as well as playing. The classic designs, and perfection of form are attested to by the fact that there are many knock offs and copies produced of the guitars from this era. Even the original manufacturers sometimes produce reissues, copies of their own products, from their former product lines. All of my guitars are originals; I have no reissues, nor any new models. These guitars have been played, and will continue to be played.
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