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I tried not to do it, but here are my assorted pointless opinions on politics, liberals, government, and other annoyances, along with my assorted views on the world, what is wrong with it, and what I would do if I were running things (the answer: screw things up even worse than they are, most likely).Since these are opinions, they may inspire hearty nods of agreement in some, but will certainly offend others; there is no self respecting opinion that wouldn't do both. I have some strong opinions about certain subjects, and strong opinions, whatever they might be, will generally make you more enemies than friends. Please don't take it personally; these are only the opinions of one man. This will also be my attempt to prevent my opinions from infecting other sections of this site, notably the section on firearms. These are short, purely subjective, essays, which I can only hope contain some real truth. Missing from these essays will be my writings on the subject of firearms, other than as they relate to social or political issues. Gun essays will be found on my gun pages.
For the Children* Education and class* Guns and Freedom* Money and Freedom*
Why I Hate Insurance* Work, Money, and Value* Local Laws and Freedom* A social Disease!*
The electoral college* Maria Gonzales* Fairness and Right* The Villiage*
The assault aircraft menace* Whole Word*
George Washington*
Safety Testing*
Separate but Equal*
The Big Zero
Waiting to die
In the name of order
Necessary Evil

 Who are these liberals, and why do they say such terrible things about gun owners??