The Late Great Circus Parade




The Classic Reunion is the first of the marching bands.
Here come the flag bearers, and the vanguard of the first marching band. A look at the drum line below, indicates that this group is a bit older than the average marching band. These are alumni of marching bands from all over Wisconsin.
The Classic Reunion steps across the briddge.
More classics cross in the form of the Milwaukee Wheelmen. More than 50 classic cyclists participated.
Many different styles and configurations were attempted, back in the golden age of bicycles.
The big wheels of these old style bikes, give speed and leverage without the need for complicated and expensive chain and gear systems. An early chain and gear bike accompanies this high wheeler.
Rob Summerbill comes trundling down the parade route.
In the distance is the banner of the Milwaukee Metropolitan NCO council Color Guard. This was originally a group of sergeants of the 84th division; but was expanded in 1967 to embrace NCOs of all of the service and reserve branches. The group was chartered in 1960.

The color guard passes in review
The West Allis Lancer Band.

The Circus World Museum Omnibus, full of members of the Wisconsin Historical Society. The black Percherons pulling it are courtesy of Roger and Jan Cavanaugh.
Left and Above:
The ten women of the Tennessee Walking Horse Troupe, along with their mounts, and a few friends.
These members of the Milwaukee County Sherriff Mounted Patrol hardly need to advise this mime that he has the right to remain silent.
Scott Walker, County Executive transported by a carriage and team provided by Caroline Ausman.
The color guard of the Milwaukee Police Department.
This banner advises us that the Milwaukee Police Band is on the march. This is the oldest police band in the country.

The Milwaukee Police Mounted Patrol. Further down, are the member of the Milwaukee Police Band. Below that is the Mayor, Tom Barrett, who decided to eschew the comforts of the carriage, also provided by Caroline Ausman, and walk the parade route.

Left and Above:

The #400 GCP Introductory Wagon welcomes us to the  Circus parade proper. The 4 Chestnut Halfingers, are handled by teamsters Dave & Margaret Kraus of Stratford, WI. Circus World Performers Los Antons, Duo Fusion, and friends, wave as they pass.

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