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Rossi M-92
Length Overall Barrel Length Weight Caliber Action Type Magazine Capacity
37" 20" 5 Pounds, 14 Oz. .357 mag/.38spcl Lever 8/10
    The most popular action type, mated to the most popular caliber should be a natural. The Rossi 92 is a classic western styled lever action right down to the useless, but decorative, saddle ring on the left side. It fires the popular .357 magnum as well as the .38 special. This makes the gun almost as cheap to shoot for reloaders as a .22. It costs about two or three dollars for me to reload a box of .38 rounds. I have a number of .357 magnum revolvers, so this gun completes one of my pistol/carbine combos. As always, the rifle is capable of coaxing quite a bit more energy out of the round than it's handgun counterpart. In the case of magnum cartridges the difference can be truly startling. Out of a handgun the 180 grain loading has an energy of 475 foot pounds. The same round fired from the rifle has an energy of 960 foot pounds. To put this in perspective, the .357, fired from this rifle, has more energy than most .44 magnums fired from a pistol. The highest power 240 grain .44 leaves a revolver barrel with 971 foot pounds, barely edging out the .357. Handloaders can increase the performance even more with slower burning powders and heavier bullets. A pistol/carbine combo gives the handloader a range of opportunity to develop a versatile series of practice and high power loads. The Rossi has the usual lever action virtues of being light, handy, and quick pointing. The gun is a top ejector in the tradition of the classic Winchesters, and will shoot into less then three inches at 100 yards.