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Glock 19
Length overall Barrel Length Weight  Caliber Action Type Magazine Capacity
7 inches 4 inches 21 oz. 9mm Recoil Semi 15+1
    A shortened, more concealable version of the original Glock 17 pistol. This gun is about half an inch shorter in both dimensions, making it about the same height and length as the Walther PPK, although the Walther is much narrower. This gun continues a tradition started decades ago when Colt took it's highly regarded .45 auto and shortened it by about a half an inch to produce the Commander pistol. It is a pleasant enough gun to shoot, and I can actually shoot smaller groups with it than I can with my full sized Glock 17. This gun will shoot into just under three inches at 25 yards; the bigger Glock will do a little larger then three inches at the same range. The smaller gun may be more accurate, or perhaps my shooting style just favors the differently proportioned gun. The general section on the Glock goes into far more details on the workings of the gun.
    Like the Colt Commander, after which it is modeled, this is an almost ideally sized gun for casual or concealed carry. Despite the reduction in size, it's 15 round magazine gives it respectable firepower. For those who want those two rounds back, Glock offered the +2 style magazine, which had a slight, angled extension on the bottom. The Glock 19, with the +2 magazine had the same firepower as the Model 17, though with slightly reduced velocity from the 4 inch barrel, in a smaller package. The gun was, and continues to be, immensely popular with civilian and police users.

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