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Glock 21
Dimensions Barrel Length Weight Caliber Action Type Magazine Capacity
8.2" 4.6" 27.2 oz .45 A.C.P. Semi Auto 13+1
     Great gun! It has a large magazine capacity, and is chambered in my favorite caliber, the .45 auto. Greater detail is given in the general section on Glocks, but I must say that, like all Glocks, it is probably the finest general purpose combat handgun design in the world. This is a large, hand filling gun, which holds 14 rounds of .45 A.C.P., and will shoot 2 ½ " groups at 25 yards. Even so, it is not overly large and cumbersome. This gun has the hexagonal rifling like the H&K pistols. This may be a factor in the sensitivity to hot loaded ammunition that the Glocks sometimes exhibit.
    The 21 was introduced a few years after the ground breaking Glock 17, and 19 models in 9mm. It was thought that a pistol chambered in the all American 45 caliber, would be better received on these shores. There is something about this caliber that seems to grab American shooters by the throat and make them all misty eyed and worshipful. This is, after all, the most American of all cartridges, having been designed and created here, from the even more venerable 45 L.C. of cowboy fame. Many American shooters have never quite learned to love, or even to accept, the 9mm cartridge, and thus the charm of the Glock was lost upon them; but no longer.
     This was the first double column magazine capable handgun, of which I am aware, which was chambered for the 45 A.C.P. It is a bit large in the base, as might be expected; but not objectionably so.