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My Boat
Columbia 24

This is not a photo of my boat, but it is the same model.  I plan to soon take interior, and exterior pictures.
For it's size, this is a great cruising boat. It is heavy, and it is wide. Internal balist, and a full keel make it ride like it is on rails.  The boat is sturdy and heavily constructed. I can pound on the side with my fists, and get nothing but a dull thump. The interior of the boat is all wood, and I have made a number of modifications. There are a couple of stereos, a tv (12v VCR coming soon), LORAN, a plotter (satnav coming soon), cb, vhf marine, police scanner and other assorted toys on board. This boat is generally kept at a mooring although I have rented slips some years. Columbia was known for overbuilding their boats which makes this vessel very sturdy indeed. I have a few hair raising tales of foolish things that I have done, and I believe a lesser boat would not have gotten me through them as this one did. The boat I have differs some what from the diagram. Mine has a little dinette, which I use as a chart table/nav station. It also has an engine compartment with an outboard well just behind the cockpit. The engine compartment also contains my starting, and deep cycle batteries, as well as my two fuel tanks, and my tools. This boat has a fuel range of about 150 miles, and I generally only have to fill the tanks once a year, as I only use the motor for docking or heavy weather. There is a charging system, and I have installed shore power, and wired the boat for 110v AC, though there is not yet a generator or converter. I have had this boat for about seven years, including my time at U.W.M., when I was a member of the sailing club there.The Columbia company went out of buisiness in the mid seventies, and this boat was made in1967.