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One of the best things in life, sailing is even more fun than firearms, and almost as much fun as playing around with computers. I am the proud and happy owner of a far too neglected boat. It is a Columbia 25 foot sloop, and some summers I almost live on the darned thing. Untill I meet the right woman (or pretty near the right one anyway) this boat is the love of my life. I do not really have much prepared to put up here yet, but this will almost certainly grow to be the largest section of this site. Sailing, along with the lifestyle, and locations that surround it, lends itself particularly well to photography. It is very nearly immposible for a bad picture to be taken anywhere people are sailing. It is one of the few sports that can be integrated into almost anything (you can eat, sleep read, swim, and engage in many other activities while you are "sailing"). It is also one of the few "free" sports with some thing of a sense of adventure and independance in it. I have spent lazy days sleeping and reading on my boat while listening to the night birds as I drifted on my mooring in Lake Michigan. I have also been terrified, cold, tired and in fear of my life during a storm on the Michigan side of the lake. In both instances I was "sailing" although the flavors of those two memories are in drastic contrast. This section will probably not be added to until mid July at least, and will probably not really swell until the winter months.
My Boat (Refuge)