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Dimensions Barrel Length Weight Caliber Action Type Magazine Capacity
7.87x5.55 Inches 4.41 Inches 29.63 Oz. .45 A.C.P /Super Recoil Semi 10 (14)
    Along with the vaunted Glock, this is one of the finest contemporary  combat handgun designs in the world. It has taken up the Glock idea of polymer frame, modern manufacturing methods, and up to date design, and has refined a system concept around it. The gun is grooved for a flashlight, or laser site under the muzzle, and there are a number of sight options available from the factory. There is also an array of trigger and safety groups which may be armorer installed if the half dozen carrying options available in the stock gun are not enough. Purists will be happy to know that one of these options is the traditional "cocked and locked", always a favorite among those who carry and shoot the classic Colt model. Along with the traditional hammer, the piece has the option for single action as well as double action firing. The safety falls right under the thumb and is available for right or left handed shooters. Along with the safe and fire positions, the safety acts as a decocker when depressed; a very nice feature. The single action pull has the slightest amount of creep to it, but once the slack is taken up, is very crisp and light. The double action pull is actually very nice, helped by the smooth, wide trigger. The ambidextrous magazine release takes a bit of getting used to, it is pushed straight down instead of in, but once mastered, it is quick, and sure.
    The gun points well, and is very reliable. An added feature which, surprisingly, is not advertised by H&K is the fact that this gun can fire .45 Super rounds as it comes from the factory. These rounds considerably enhance the lethality of the already substantial .45 A.C.P.. Although I think the .45 achieves the almost ideal balance between power and controllability, the Super rounds are a nice option, if you can get used to the added recoil, and muzzle blast. The only reason this gun is not my out and out favorite is the lack of a military high capacity magazine. This is a very minor point and is not due to any design or manufacturing flaws in the gun itself. Like most things which are kept imperfect, hamstrung, or just plain screwed up, this is due to lawyers and lawmakers. The gun was introduced into this country just too late to beat the foolish 10 round mag limit imposed upon handguns by a legislative body with too much time on it's hands, and too little of much else in it's heads. H&K is very discreet in it's manual and advertising as to what the capacity of the military magazine is, but from my examination of it, I would think 14, or 15 rounds, which would put it on a par with my highly regarded Para-Ordinance. I believe that the ten round mag ban is due to expire in 2004, and we can always hope for a repeal when more reasonable and sincere men get into office.