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Wish List
I own none of these guns yet, but it's only a matter of time.
Unlike my other gun writings, these are not based on first hand experience, unless otherwise stated, and should not be considered authoritative. As with most collectors, my favorite gun is the one that I am about to get. One big problem I am having, is that this list seems to be getting larger, as I add to my collection, rather than smaller, as one would normally expect. I have no explanation for this strange and mysterious phenomena.

"Classic" Luger (P-08) S&W 50 cal Magnum
50 bmg
Desert Eagle 50
A stainless 1911 or Commander SKS Rifle
Model 57 (657) 4"  Double barrel shotgun (10ga)
A titanium framed snub nose A-1 AR-15 (yes another one)
Another100 round Calico magazine A holster for my calico pistol
This list will be added to from time to time