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Restful Traveling
Wisconsin Highway Rest Stops
       Ah travel. Who doesn’t like a nice family road trip? Yet sometimes the best part of driving across the country is when you stop. What better place to stop than a highway rest area?
        While often looked at as little more than glorified rest rooms, sometimes the simplest pleasures are the best. Yet, most go far beyond this basic need, offering such amenities as picnic areas, vending machines, weather stations, interpretive exhibits, and little splashes of local color. Many act as miniature tourist bureaus, offering maps, advice, and row after row of fliers, brochures, and assorted enticements to the eager traveler.
        Wisconsin provides 30 highway rest stops, open year round, for the comfort and convenience of those traveling through the state. This is down from a peak of 32. The state also offers a larger number of more rustic waysides, usually along the smaller state highways.
        Most Wisconsin rest stops have historical commemorative markers, displays of local culture, and each is planted in the wildflowers native to its own part of the state. Those near the borders with other states also have tourist bureaus, sometimes staffed. Many have play areas.
        Each stop seems to have a personality of its own. Some are full of excited tourists, looking for the best places to stop and most interesting sights to see. Others are all business, with truck drivers, delivery vehicles, commuter traffic, and highway workers. Many are quite isolated. All have the peace that comes from being out in the countryside, and the security and convenience of the nearby road.
        Created as a spot to rest, relax, and recover from accident causing fatigue, rest stops are free of charge, though stay is limited to a duration of 24 hours. There is also no camping permitted, though picnicking is common, and some stops even have grills, and places to dispose of charcoal ash.There is also no hunting, even from the more remote sites. The DMV strongly discourages geocaching here, considering it to be little different than littering. Pets must be leashed, with most areas having special pet exercise sections.
        The stops are exceptionally clean, and are regularly maintained by local community rehabilitation programs. These are non profit organizations that hire people with disabilities, and get them out to the rurally located rest stops. Other than some vending machines, also administered by non-profits, there is no commercial activity at the stops, in contrast to those of some other states.
All Wisconsin rest areas have  rest rooms, potable water, generous parking spaces, and other facilities as shown in the table below:
Number Location/Link Ramp vending weather picnic pet walk marker parking




13 Lake Mills I94 E Yes Yes Yes Yes Drumlins 103cars/28tr
14 Johnson Creek I94 W 263 Yes Yes Yes Yes War Vets 72cars/30tr



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